A new 3D printing technology wants to propose an alternative to the Industrial manufacturing

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The evolution of 3D printers continues to consider alternatives to the industrial manufacturing processes, and now comes an alternative that could be useful in that transition. Neil Hopkinson, bestquadcoptersite. com Professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield, has years working on the sintering of high speed, and the technology is already in an advanced stage of its development.

The German manufacturer ZF has built his idea of urban car, a project developed independently and under the premise of show 3 great innovations that could revolutionize the car we use for every day in the big cities. Although its design is little more than Spartan, the revolution that hides this small car may soon make Act of presence in any manufacturer, and is that you seeing their impressive maneuverability, his particular idea of electrification your tool to improve driving, it seems that ZF has big plans for urban cars.

The division of maps created by Nokia and called HERE, seeks buyer urgently. Born as the project with which Nokia could stand up to Google and Apple in the fruitful navigation-related services business, now HERE seeks a buyer. The decision by Nokia to get rid of HERE responds to the need for liquidity, it is estimated that the sale could haunt the 4,000 million euros, while the interest of manufacturers is to control its own service maps independent of Google and Apple, a movement that would allow manufacturers lowering the degree of dependence that begins to exist with respect to the services of the large technology firms.

Víctor Zaldaña, Manager of distribution of DELSUR, explained that the new technology consists in the installation of more than 400 remote points on posts of electrical lines, that warn about possible failures caused by road accidents, shorts, rain, among others.

Representatives of the company indicated that it was necessary to an investment of more than $1.6 million to install the new system, and that it is part of a total investment of $5 million, which includes the modernization of the technology platform of the company.

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