Mima launches new colors in their strollers This 2015


The Spanish baby accessories brand, which ranks among the best brands of premium international product launches new colors for their strollers pampers xari walk model.

Although not all would be advantages: the main disadvantage of this model is carts weight and bulky and voluminous fold.
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And although their weight may seem solid is not. The classic strollers are more resistant than these. In this type of carts we must consider certain aspects: the support should be as comfortable and fluffy possible suspensions should be more than adequate and the lining of the car must be with thick and waterproof fabrics for the child is safe from cold and moisture.

3 in 1 systems, and a seat and a removable cradle on the chassis fit the chair to allow the car. This allows for quick shopping without moving the baby car seat (Group 0) to not wake stroller. Besides the weight of a car seat with a baby it should not be underestimated; the possibility of transferring the baby in her car seat, so be it between the parking and the apartment / house / warehouse on the chassis of the stroller is for many parents a welcome comfort. However it is recommended not to use the car seat for walks, as the semi-sitting position is not good for the development of the baby’s back.

First of all, congratulations on this blog. Nobody had the idea of ​​talking about something as used as carts and appreciated !! Borsino theme of carts, I knew them by Facebook. At home we took a couple of turns, tried our luck and we are very happy. It’s my first cart and I have not tried many others, but in their favor say it is great. A hit, go.

Finally, this chair can also become basket in car seat, that is, we can take the baby in the stroller with wheels apart and carry weight. Many of these newborn strollers are now adapted to become car seats, so you do not have to move the baby stroller. Simply pass the belt as indicated above legislation and will equally protected as when is sitting in the stroller with wheels.

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